Cold Case Crackers: Fairlake Heist Case

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COLD CASE CRACKERS ALLOWS YOU TO TAKE THE ROLE OF A DETECTIVE TEAM. You will try to crack a case that was never solved. 

MOVE THROUGH THE PHASES OF YOUR INVESTIGATION. This case will be solved by achieving investigation goals given to you on phase cards. Each phase and task are different, but all are crucial in solving the case. The game requires live action detective work and includes twists and turns you never see coming

USE THE DOZENS OF DOCUMENTS AND PHOTOGRAPHS ALONG THE WAY. The evidence includes newspaper clippings, mysterious letters, maps, blog posts, suspect profiles, photos, witness statements, interview transcripts, and much more. You never know what piece of evidence you may need or when you will need it. Your team of investigators will have to have a keen wit and observant eyes.

ONLINE CODES AND AUDIO CLUES WILL GUIDE YOU. We have integrated technology into the game, so you will need a cell phone or computer in order to play. This takes the live action detective work to the whole next level. You will enter codes throughout the game to validate your decisions and complete the investigation. An audio tip line will assist your team whenever the next turn in your investigation eludes you.

BUILT FOR SOLO DETECTIVES OR A WHOLE DETECTIVE TEAM. This makes for a great date night, game night with friends, or family activity. This game also accommodates those who want to take on the task alone and claim the glory for themselves. The question is: Do you have what it takes to crack the case?

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