The Chosen One

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Your favorite Jew-ish game. The The Chosen One Game is simple. Each round one player picks a Question Card. The other players share their best Answer Cards. The funniest pair wins! Makes the perfect Hanukkah gift, or entertainment for Shabbat or other Jewish holiday get-togethers. 

418 Cards in the Set.

  • Funny-ish Jewish cards
  • Great for playing with friends and family
  • Show off how funny you are
  • Get that girl/guy you always wanted
  • Make your mother happy
  • 10% of profits go back to Jewish charities
  • Ages 18+ recommended. Some cards may not be appropriate for all audiences. 

FITZ Games are inside jokes in a box, written in collaboration with hilarious comedians from diverse backgrounds.

Our games are about helping you put your phone away and connect with the people around you. We bond over community and culture and our games are designed with that in mind.

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