Hg Gundam Breaker Battlogue: Gundam Barbataurus

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Based on the Gundam Barbatos, the black Gundam Barbatauros has a bold structure using two Gundam frames!

Represent in a large Centaur form which is rarely seen in Gunpla.

The twin blades can be transformed into handgun mode and can also be combined into a large bow.  Using clear parts as bow and arrow to allow you to represent a pulling pose.

Tail blade is connected to the rear by a lead wire.

Also comes with the katana from Gundam Barbatos.


  • Twin Blade ×1
  • Sword ×1
  • Arrow ×1
  • String effect parts ×1
  • Joint Parts x1
  • Wire x1
  • Foil stickers x1
  • Hand parts x1 set

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