Board Game Sleeves - 50 Count Pack - Classic & Non-Glare - Arcane Tinmen - Various Sizes

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Board Game Sleeves provide incredible protection for all of your favorite Euro and American-style board games. Each sleeve is transparent on both sides to ensure perfect visibility.

Non-Glare sleeves come in a cardbox that safely stores 50+ sleeved cards, and doubles as a card-holder during play. Just flip back the lid and lock it in place! Contains 50 clear card sleeves in 80µ polypropylene, with a soft non-reflective matte treatment.

No acid. No PVC.

Popular Board Games by Card Size:

  • Mini: Typical for small cards in some American board games like Twillight Imperium, Civilization and the Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game.
  • Small: Typical for small cards in most European board games like Catan, Camel Up, and Dimension.
  • Square: Popular in the Power Grid game family, but are also found in many other games like the various Catan Card Games and the King of Tokyo expansions.
  • Medium:  Typical for large cards in most American board games like Munchkin, A Game of Thrones, and Ticket to Ride variants.
  • Standard: Typical for trading card games like Magic the Gathering and Pokémon, and are also found in many newer board games.
  • Large: Typical for large cards in most European board games like Dominion, Kingdom Builder, Uluru, and Agricola.
  • Extra Large: Mainly used in 7 Wonders, but also found in games like The Pursuit of Happiness, Coup, and Cargo Noir.
  • Oversize: Mainly used in Dixit, but also found in other games like Beasty Bar and Mysterium.
  • Tarot: Used in games like Elder Sign, Mystic Vale, XCOM, Yedo, and Blue Moon.

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