Tales From The Loop: The Board Game - Invasive Species Scenario Pack Expansion

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EXPANSION: Requires Tales From The Loop: The Board Game

Expand your Tales From the Loop: The Board Game experience with some invasive species from the late Cretaceous! The school is buzzing with wild rumors about how the ice cream truck was attacked and the driver...eaten?!

This expansion contains a masterfully designed miniature of a Gorgosaurus libratus as depicted by Simon Stålenhag, as well as a completely new Scenario featuring it, and all the cards and sheets needed to bring it into your game.


  • 2 Dinosaur Response Cards
  • 1 Scenario Card
  • 9 Diary Cards
  • 15 Rumor Cards
  • 1 Miniature (Assembled, Unpainted): Gorgosaurus libratus

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