Vengeance: Roll & Fight - Overkill Promo Pack (KICKSTARTER Exclusive)

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EXPANSION: Requires a Vengeance: Roll & Fight base game

Vengeance: Roll & Fight is an action movie in a box where you play a vigilante intent on wiping out the gangs that plague your city. Designed by Dávid Turczi, Noralie Lubbers and Gordon Calleja, Vengeance: Roll & Fight is an action-packed twist on the roll-and-write genre, bringing a real-time, dice-rolling system where you throw, punch and backflip your way through gang-infested dens. Why roll and write, when you can roll and fight?

This Kickstarter Exclusive pack includes unique Lubbers, Turczi and Calleja Boss Cards and a custom made Dice Tray!

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